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FCF Advisors specializes in free cash flow investment strategies.
No one else analyzes companies like we do

The TrimTabs name has always been associated with the highest quality research and analysis.

TrimTabs Investment Research (which was sold to Informa in 2017) continues to lead the way in equity liquidity analysis.

FCF Advisors (which was launched as TrimTabs Asset Management in 2011) is the home for all of our free cash flow-based strategies and research.


Minority investment from a family office facilitates TrimTabs Asset Management spinning out from TrimTabs Investment Research

Multi-factor investing model built around shares reduction, free cash flow growth and change in leverage

Sub-advises AdvisorShares’ TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)


Family office investor purchases majority stake in TrimTabs Asset Management

Expands research function and enhances investment strategy with multi-factor model rebuilt to focus more completely on free cash flow profitability

Significant investments made into product development


US free cash flow ETF (TTAC) launched (renamed Free Cash Flow Quality ETF in Dec 2020)

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) made available to investors


International free cash flow ETF (TTAI) launched (renamed International Free Cash Flow Quality ETF in Dec 2020)


TrimTabs Quality Model (TTQM) consolidates our further free cash flow research into a refined multi-factor model with the focus on identifying companies with strong and sustainable profitabilit


TTAM Index (Free Cash Flow Index Provider) launches


Ex-Goldman Sachs Partner Bob Shea joins as CEO

TTAM Index secures first client

Risk Managed Innovation ETF (DFNV) and Tactical High Yield ETF (DFHY) launched Dec 2020

Bob Shea named CIO


Vince Chen named Director of Research, Portfolio Manager on TTAC and TTAI in March 2021

TTAM renamed to FCF Advisors and TrimTabs Quality Model (TTQM) renamed to Free Cash Flow Quality Model (FCFQM)

Yield Enhanced Real Asset ETF (DFRA) launched Dec 2021


Dynasty Financial Partners takes minority equity stake in FCF Advisors. Bob Shea joins Dynasty Financial Partners as Chief Investment Strategist in November 2022.

Bob Shea

Bob leads the FCF Advisors team and heads the Investment Committee as Chief Investment Officer. He joined us in 2020 from Donoghue Forlines, the Boston-based tactical investment firm, where he was President and Co-Chief Investment Officer. Bob co-founded JAForlines Global in 2009, an investment management company specializing in global tactical strategies. This business was acquired by W.E. Donoghue & Co in 2017 to create Donoghue Forlines.

Bob has also held senior positions with Tegean Capital, AsiaSource Capital and Goldman Sachs, where he was a Partner in charge of Cash Equities Trading and served as a member of Goldman’s equities division Risk and Global Trading Committees.

Bob has been featured on CNBC on network programs such as Power Lunch, Squawk Box, and ETF Edge. In his downtime Bob is an avid outdoorsman, spending his time skiing, hiking and fly-fishing.

Vince (Qijun) Chen

Vince leads the research and development of firmwide investment strategies and is responsible for the portfolio management of our Active ETFs, SMAs, and Indices. He joined us in October 2017 as a Quantitative Analyst. 

Vince earned his Master of Science in Quantitative Methods and Modeling from Baruch College, and a Bachelor of Economics from the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. He is an active CFA Institute member. 

On weekends, Vince enjoys stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, playing soccer, and spending time with his family and friends. 

Derin Cohen

Derin manages our day-to-day operations and also acts as Chief Compliance Officer. He joined us in July 2017. Prior to joining, he performed various operations, compliance and internal control functions covering mutual funds, closed-end funds, and exchange traded funds.

Derin received his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Derin is a keen traveller, taking particular delight in exploring new cultures and cuisines. He splits his time between New York and Tel Aviv.

Simon (Tianmeng) Tie

Simon contributes to the development and implementation of quantitative models and conducts statistical analysis on complex datasets. He is always on the lookout for investment opportunities and enjoys a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to solving investment problems.

He is presently pursuing a Master of Science in Operations Research at Columbia University and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Financial Technology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, graduating with first-class honors.

Simon is an outdoor enthusiast who relishes weekend getaways exploring nature around New York. He also has a passion for reading and is a dedicated lifelong learner.

Mary (Qiyue) Zhang
portfolio risk analyst

Qiyue (Mary) Zhang assists director of research in developing investment risk models for firm-wide equity strategies. She is responsible for designing and maintaining performance and risk attribution reports as well. Additionally, she supports the team in preparing investment strategy materials for client presentations, ensuring the availability of essential resources to fulfill clients’ requests. She is also an active contributor to FCF Institute.  

Qiyue is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Financial Engineering at New York University. She specialized in Economics and Mathematics during her undergraduate study at Union College (NY) and graduated with highest honor.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Qiyue is a passionate music enthusiast with extensive experience in college choirs and ensembles. She also values holistic well-being and enjoys practicing yoga to enhance physical fitness.

Pei Zhu
Portfolio Implementation Analyst

Pei is a Portfolio Implementation Analyst at FCF Advisors, specializing in optimizing investment strategies. With a focus on maximizing transfer efficiency from model portfolios to actual investments, Pei excels in developing cutting-edge short-term trading models for improved market timing. She also provides valuable short-term trading signals to clients, enhancing their investment decisions. Pei’s expertise extends to alternative alpha research, where she explores tax alpha and contextual alpha, contributing to innovative strategies that benefit our clients.

Pei is pursuing her Master of Science in Mathematical Finance and Financial Technology from Boston University, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree with major in Statistics from Central South University and a Master’s degree with major in Financial Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shen Zhen).

Outside of her role, Pei Zhu is a multifaceted individual with a deep passion for music and the arts. She is a skilled singer, a graceful ballet dancer, and a talented pianist. Pei’s love for these artistic pursuits enriches her life, allowing her to find inspiration and balance beyond the world of finance.

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