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The Performance of Strong Balance Sheets Q1 2020
Vince Chen, our Portfolio Manager and Senior Quantitative Analyst, publishes data on how Factor Correlations to Return of Balance Sheet Indicators surged in Q1 2020 amid market selloff.
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“Good” vs. “Bad” Buybacks
We believe there is significant analysis needed to separate “Good” from “Bad” buybacks. By looking at both the Free Cash Flow generation and Balance Sheet strength, we believe investors may be able to identify better investment opportunities when employing a stock selecti...
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Dividend Income Investing: A Free Cash Flow Perspective
Free Cash Flow generation as a selection factor may enhance both total return and the risk-adjusted performance of the high dividend investing strategy, without giving up the ability to generate high future dividend income. More importantly, the Free Cash Flow generation ...
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Q1 2019: The Consumer Delivers
Join TrimTabs Portfolio Managers Ted Theodore, CFA and Janet Flanders Johnston, CFA as they discuss domestic and international market trends, review both TTAC and TTAI performance, and offer their outlook for the rest of 2019.
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Nasdaq 100: Today vs. The Dotcom Bubble
Nasdaq 100: Today vs. The Dotcom Bubble The Nasdaq 100 has skyrocketed in recent months, while bastions of the gig economy have launched IPOs without any clear path to future profitability, triggering uncomfortable comparisons with the Dotcom Bubble. Comparing the ca...
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Inverted Yield Curve Analysis
A key indicator of previous economic recessions recently flashed a warning sign, as the slope of the U.S. Treasury security yield curve between 3-month and 10-year rates recently inverted for the second time this year, after the short inversion event in late March 2019. O...
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IPO Performance Analysis
Here we study the relationship between a company’s Free Cash Flow generation/ trend and stock return after IPO, to see if Free Cash Flow predicts stock returns for newly listed companies in the US.
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